Progressive, structured plans to help you lose weight using your Peloton Bike, Tread & Strength Classes. Learn how it works and schedule your free discovery call by clicking the button below.

Peloton is an amazing fitness platform and a great resource for helping you achieve your weight loss goals. There is one down side, however.

Sustainable, lasting weight loss comes from following a progressive plan. Our bodies love consistency and they always adapt to meet new, challenging demands. But those demands can't be random.

Unfortunately, that's what most people experience when they use Peloton. They take random classes, which is great for variety and keeping things fresh, but it actually leads to plateaus or stagnant results over time, especially when it comes to weight loss. The key is to plan classes in a systematic, progressive and structured way. That's where The Spear Method comes in.


Weight Loss Coaching

Your weight loss goals are mapped out up front and the path to realizing them is implicit.


Your workouts arrive in your email everyday.  No need to make any decisions on what class to take.

True Coach App

Track your workouts and follow your plan directly in The Spear Method app.

1:1 Coaching

Need help or motivation? Message your coach directly in the app and get direction immediately.

Accountability Group

Connect with other Spear Method members in the Slack Accountability channel.


Share your wins and milestones and stay inspired by others celebrating their wins too.

The Process

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